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Velour Lined Activewear

Velour Lined Activewear

Every girl even dreams to feel like a real queen. Taking into account all the wishes of the beautiful half of humanity, designers decided to add clothes from this aristocratic material - velvet to their collections. Therefore, today on the catwalks you can see not only a dress made of velvet, but also casual clothes, as well as business clothes made of this fabric.


Dense fabric with a small nap on the front side. The basis is natural silk or synthetic material. Since ancient times, it has been a symbol of luxury and wealth. If the fabric has a silk base, such a thing will not lose its appeal for many years. In addition, such a fabric can absorb a large amount of liquid, while it dries relatively quickly.

Other advantages of velour 

No allergic reactions to the material.

It has an antistatic effect, does not attract dust, and does not electrify.

Even after prolonged use, velour things retain their original appearance.

Suitable for draping due to its attractive appearance and overflow of fibers.

Clothes from such fabric are perfectly erased and do not shrink.

The fabric does not require ironing, only steaming.

Such material perfectly passes into the air and at the same time keeps the heat, so the greenhouse effect is not created under the velvet.

Many fashionable women try to avoid such things, not knowing how to wash velour. But it turns out that this is not so difficult. It is best to wash a velvet dress or other clothes from this material manually, or use a gentle mode of machine washing. It is not necessary to unscrew such things, but they should be dried in a suspended state with hangers. Such material as velvet does not need ironing. To give the product its original appearance, it is enough to sprinkle water on the wrong side and steam it on the weight.

Varieties Of Velour Fabrics

Modern textile industry produces fabrics that have a texture similar to celour. For warm clothing, use velvet, which is based on wool fibers or plush textiles.

Sportswear and tight-fitting clothes are sewn from stretch velour. And for the manufacture of evening dresses, it is suitable panne velour, which contains viscose and natural silk. Due to the patterned texture, these velour dresses look as elegant and elegant as possible.

Printed velour is considered the most feminine. Most often it is made on the basis of chiffon, where wool patterns are applied. The result is a translucent material with velour patterns.

All these types of velour can be found in the stock of 2 Love or Not.

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Velour Lined Activewear

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Velour Lined Activewear Velour Lined Activewear Velour Lined Activewear

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