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Child Care Franchise Opportunity

Child Care Franchise Opportunity

If you want to start a meaningful franchise in Canada, CEFA Early Learning is the perfect opportunity. We have been the top private school for Canadian children from ages 1 to 5 since 1998. CEFA is a member of the Canadian Franchise Association. CEFA Early Learning has 21 locations throughout Canada.

• Most CEFA students stay until entering kindergarten. As a franchise owner, this means you can expect a consistent income.

• The CEFA curriculum consists of reading, writing, music, art, yoga, science, technology, engineering and math. Before opening, CEFA got help from the world’s best early learning schools to develop the current curriculum.

• You are not alone in the opening and operating a CEFA franchise. We will train you in marketing strategies, ways to make your franchise run as smoothly as possible and teaching the people you hire. CEFA meets on a regular basis to talk about changes in our franchise or the education industry as a whole, ask and answer questions and discuss new ways to operate the franchise.

• In addition to Early Childhood Education designation from an accredited post-secondary institute, CEFA teachers go through vigorous and thorough in school training to earn CEFA certification. CEFA also has a mentorship program that will teach you how to demonstrate our methods and philosophies.

• CEFA will help you scout a location for your school. You are welcome to suggest an area. CEFA secures franchise locations based on demographics, zoning, visibility and how far it is from roadways. The CEFA operations team will help you with negotiating the lease, designing the building, licenses, permit applications and managing the construction of the building.

• There is a lot of growth potential at CEFA Early Education. A service manager will help you operate the school to ensure that growth is guaranteed.

• As the only early education franchise in Canada, the CEFA brand is instantly recognizable and adds to our credibility. You will be given the materials and information necessary to grow and maintain your CEFA brand.

• As a CEFA teacher, you are one person parents will rely on to get their children through the early, formative years. We created the CEFA parental expertise library. In it, parents will find information on how to handle topics such as potty training and discipline.

• Uniforms are required for your students, which can be found and purchased at the CEFA store. CEFA headquarters maintains merchandising, storage, sales, and inventory.

• CEFA goes beyond academics to ensure our children became socially responsible. We use these formative years to teach children to live with integrity and honor.

At CEFA you will impact the lives of your students socially, emotionally and physically. You will not be merely teaching them standard academics. The CEFA method is very structured but will still offer your students their freedom of expression. CEFA has 14 specialty programs; literacy, reading, writing, visual arts, music, drama, creative play, yoga, physical education, mindfulness, math, science, coding, and technology.

For more information about starting your own CEFA franchise call us at 1-604-708-2332 or fill out your information on our contact page.

Child Care Franchise Opportunity
Child Care Franchise Opportunity
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Child Care Franchise Opportunity Child Care Franchise Opportunity Child Care Franchise Opportunity

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